SD-200 Tongkat Ali Extract Boosts Jeff’s Strength, Stamina – And Sex Drive

Yeah, hi, my name is Jeff. I’m calling about the SD-200. I was interested in the product because I was coming off a work injury, and it’s been a couple months, actually. Banged up, and I wasn’t able to exercise too much, on a lot of different medications. My energy levels were real low, and then trying to come back, as anybody knows, when you’re trying to, haven’t worked out for awhile, it’s really tough to get back into it.

There’s always some atrophy in the muscles, and so on. So, it’s tough coming back. At that time, I read about Tongkat Ali in one of the men’s health magazines, and they said it was a product that really works, and they gave it a really big endorsement. Continue reading

The Lovemaking Became More Powerful – And So Did Wally’s Relationship!

Hi, I’m giving a testimonial for SD-200, which is tongkat ali, and here’s my testimonial. I don’t know if you need… my name is Wally, and I’m from New Mexico, and I’ve been a recent customer.

So anyway, here’s my testimonial.

I actually have a high libido, so I wasn’t looking for this product because of any huge problem, or anything like that, but I am always looking for — it’s just the kind of person I am, I’m always looking for different herbs that can benefit my life, and being that I like sex so much, I’m always looking for additional, anything to nourish that part of my life, but I did not have, specifically, a problem with that. So this product, I would recommend for anyone, even who has a great sex life but is just always looking for an additional edge in that. Continue reading

Frank Thought He Was Facing A Life Without Sex – Before He Discovered SD-200 Tongkat Ali Extract

Hi, My name is Frank. I live in Orlando Florida. I have taken SD-200, also the AE-3 and ZMA, along with the GH-2.

What my situation was before taking this was one of depression, unable to obtain an erection for a period exceeding approximately 18 months. All of the male enhancement pills that worked originally stopped working, my depression was worse.

I first heard about the supplements, originally, while searching the web for hormone replacement therapy, and often came across the tongkat ali. Continue reading